Hobbies during a pandemic

 How to change your diet, change your life and change the world while you stay at home

The Covid-19 pandemic hit countries all over the world. Thousands of people were stuck at home for up to four months, lost their jobs and lost their lives in the process.

Despite the catastrophe that this whole pandemic is, many people managed to find the positive sides of the situation. Parents were spending more time with their children, people started to appreciate more the little things in life, millennials learned to cook and many more bright and wonderful things. After all – when should we look for the light at the end of the tunnel, if not while we are at its beginning.

Improvement of general cooking skills and refocus on homemade meals seems to be one of the most popular outcomes. Social media was filled with people baking banana bread or experimenting with different recipes. Despite many failed attempts, people were more willing to try new things in order to “season” their day-to-day life.

Another outcome of the quarantine is that people started to think about more than themselves, realize that they are smaller than Nature and reevaluate their way of life. This led to many celebrities joining charitable causes to protect the environment, which ignited people all over the world to join those movements.

If after all of this, you have decided that you need a change and you want to do more, there is no better time to start a new sustainable hobby, which has a potential of saving the planet.

Despite crickets being a traditional for East-Asia cuisine, they do not pose a risk of sparking a global pandemic when farmed, unlike the wild animals sold at food markets in that region. All of the benefits they have over livestock farming helps to reduce pollution, resource exploitation and open doors for solving world hunger problems.


While you are staying at home, wondering what to do to change your way of life and save the planet, you can start your own cricket farm and begin your journey to more sustainable future, healthier diet and possible solutions to world’s problems.

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