Mistakes In Your Cricket Farming

It is always better to have some guidelines or to learn from other people’s downfalls when you are starting something new.

Usually, there are many mistakes you make when you decide to begin either a job, a hobby, a relationship (let’s not talk about those mistakes) and so on. When you start your own cricket farm, you will learn a lot by trial and error. However, sometimes a mistake can cost you time and resources.

Let’s talk about the most common mistakes you might make when you first create your cricket farm.

Too much water

There is a chance of drowning with hatchlings or even the grown adults. To avoid that, it is best to use wet cloth or a wet pad, so they can get enough water without the risk of fatal outcome. High humidity is also a problem, which is why you should always monitor the humidity levels. This can be done with a hygrometer.

Rotting and a chance of fungi development

Because of the humid environment, food and surfaces can start to rot quite fast. It is very dangerous and can kill your whole colony. Which is why you should choose dry foods or fruits and veggies should be less watery. Carrots are a good choice!
Make sure to clean everything regularly and do not forget to change the substrate often, so it would not become a fungi container! Once a week should be enough. The old substrate can be used as a fertilizer for your houseplants!

Always check the temperature

Wrong temperature can cause severe problems. Use thermometers to monitor the fluctuations. If it gets too hot – move the lamp (or change the lightbulb), if it gets too cold – get another lamp.


As we’ve already told you – crickets tend to be cannibalistic. Do not let the spaces become crowded, otherwise you might start losing numbers. This might even lead to a disease outbreak.

Have only one container

Keep your crickets in separate containers. In case of a disease, this can save you at least one colony. Always monitor research on disease, knowledge on the topic of farming practices are always expanding.

“Unclean” food

Always make sure to buy food for your crickets from distributors of clean fruits and vegetables. Insecticides used on plants and crops can kill your…well – insects.

The more you read, the more you will know! Good luck!!!

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