Food made of crickets

Long past is the time of kale and quinoa! Crickets are the new munch!

The USA market has been taken over by the small, but highly nutritional insect. Companies in San Francisco and New York are making them into cookies, chips and protein bars. Every couple of months a new company emerges and takes part in the growing market for crickets.

Despite that, the consumption of insects is not a new thing, it is still considered a challenge for western market, where people tend to give a bad eye to all moving food.

For some companies that have started selling cricket products like flour or organic roasted ones, it has become increasingly harder to keep shelves stock as the raw material is coming from Canada.

Some shops began introducing cricket products in 2014 and since then they have noticed an increase in demand.

There is a wave of startup companies that are looking into substitute for a series of products (meat, dairy and gluten).

Will they be able to succeed?

We will find out!

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